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Painting and Decorating Tunbridge Wells

At Decor-Solutions we do not limit ourselves to interior design and decoration, we are have experience with other projects such as garden maintenance and renovation.

Here are just some of the many and varied projects we have undertaken.


Major restoration and refurbishment

of period property

This property on the outskirts of Tunbridge Wells required a considerable amount of restoration and refurbishment before we attempted the renovation and painting.

Work undertaken included lead work, window restoration, cable removal, roofing and masonry repairs. Here you can see the overall affect of our finished painting to this amazing period property. We supervised all the specialist trades working on this property thus giving our client piece of mind in only having to deal with us. All these specialists have worked with us before and we trust them implicitly.

Exterior painting of classic Decimus Burton property


No job is too large for Decor-Solutions. With our partnership scaffolding company, Willis Scaffold, we have been able to manage easy access to even the most difficult of windows, soffits and guttering. Using only the most advanced of exterior paint and, where necessary, professional fillers we are beginning to transform this prestigious property back to its former glory.

Whilst still protecting the integrity of this classic Royal Tunbridge Wells property our aim is simply to make all those who gaze upon it admire this superb example of Decimus Burton's work.

Period property exterior restoration


Tower House was to become our toughest project to date creating so many situations within the one project that things could so easily have gone very wrong.  

With such a lovely building in such a prominent position in one of the more fashionable areas of Tunbridge Wells it was imperative that we got it right especially as far as colour was concerned.

Going above and beyond mere painting it was necessary to drive the client around various other properties in the area to ascertain which colours they had used and how best to proceed with her property.  


Opening up the lounge


We can fairly say that this house had not been touched for a good number of years before we came along. Our client desired to remove two chimneys (through the upstairs bedrooms and into the loft) and two major internal walls. In doing so this created one large open space that was brighter and much more airy than before.

The work did not require planning permission but with AAC Studio handling the design and buildings regs we had no problems.

Building was handled by Edwards & Son of Hastings. The full work took just over3 months with our specialist painting too.

Papering and painting


Very often the changing of the walls and ceiling only are enough to give a room a new and much improved appearance.

So it has been with this light and airy lounge in a delightful bungalow in Groombridge. With a considered eye to colour and the choosing of a complimentary wall paper the overall affect has been to create a stunning room where once it was just functional and dated.

Notice too the bold use of colour in certain accessories.

Kitchen transformation


In a very short space of time this dated kitchen was transformed into something bright and modern to suit the conversion of this family home.

With an eye to style but still keeping within an acceptable budget our client was delighted in how well we put it all together.

Staircase renovation


In this second Decimus Burton property it was imperative that attention was given to the period charm and character of the building. The client had a firm idea of exactly what he wanted for his home and the final affect he wanted to achieve.

Farrow & Ball colours were selected and carefully a scaffold tower was erected within the central staircase. With attention to detail in the design and finish we were able to prepare all the woodwork to the utmost quality finish. New lining paper to the walls provided a surface so smooth you would have thought it had just been re-plastered. New carpeting was fitted once the painting and papering were finished and the final result was breathtaking.

Commercial work - The Ragged Trousers

Decor-Solutions do not generally carry out much work on business premises. However, following the great success of a number of properties in the St John’s area of Tunbridge Wells, we were asked to tender for this prestigious local attraction.

There were three stages to the work. The first stage comprised of the lower area on The Pantiles and the complete renovation of this iconic pub.

It was imperative that we protect the integrity of this landmark watering hole at all costs and accordingly the colours for the outside were selected from the Farrow & Ball catalogue.
The character of the inner door detail was preserved using specialist artistic varnish. We cleaned the paintwork before applying the varnish. The windows were given just the right amount of paint to enhance but again not make them look too new.

Our sign maker went to great pains to preserve the character by using a specific font to match the menu cards and other details and our team helped work with the management who were, whilst all this was going on, working on the renovation of the bar area. The resulting effect, I hope you will agree, was stunning.

Period property interior restoration

More recently Decor-Solutions have been involved with a number of period properties in need of sympathetic renovation. Working closely with owners we have brought in our specialist colleagues to restore interior details to their former glory.

Using qualified carpenters, plasterers and painters we have been able to provide some stunning results as witnessed in the pictures here. It goes without saying that a number of the properties we have worked on are listed and thus require special attention.


Specialist ceiling roses

With our continued work on more period properties we find ourselves contacting more specialists.

So it has been with this ceiling rose which is to be the first of many in this superb renovation. This new rose which has been lovingly copied from an original in plaster and then delicately fitted serves to enhance the chandelier perfectly.


Lounge renovation

This lounge required the TV and Hifi equipment to be made as unobtrusive as possible with the wiring tucked away and the whole room looking much less cluttered.
We worked closely with Caroline Pickering of Style My Home who was brought in as the interior designer.

New cupboards and shelving as well as a concealing wall were created by Olli Moon of O M Carpentry before we completed the decoration with Farrow & Ball paint and had the flooring renovation.  Flooring was by D M Flooring –

Kitchen refurbishment

This complete kitchen renovation required a lot of thought and design.  With the help of Carlos Elsesser of AAC Studio new plans were drawn up for the refurbishment of both the kitchen and the utility room. In the end we went ahead with the kitchen only and have incorporated a completely new lighting system as well as some useful new storage space. Retaining the original kitchen table we kept a traditional feel while bringing the whole kitchen up in a most modern effect. 

In addition new under floor heating and a new tiled effect finish has added to this splendid kitchen.  A Howdens kitchen was fitted by Edwards & Sons –

Compact bathroom

With the ability to draw on quality tradesmen throughout various fields Decor-solutions are confident we can produce superb results in most home and office situations.

So it is with this beautiful en-suite bathroom. With new bath, toilet, vanity unit, shower door, tiling, flooring and quality paintwork this room becomes transformed in a very short while.

All of this work professionally finished to a very high standard.

Classic window restoration


The bay window seen here is an excellent example of a classic window left for too long in our unyielding weather, the whole of the outer sill was totally gone. The construction of the frame was such that we were able to remove a front section and replace with a new piece of 2” x 3” timber that was glued and screwed into place before being sealed and painted again to a very high standard.

The result seen here makes the repair to the classic window almost impossible to discern and will stand the test of time for many years to come.

Bedroom decoration


The client’s instruction for this bedroom in a large Georgian property in London was pretty open.

They required the room to be redecorated and the construction of a new walk-in cupboard to one side of the chimney breast and a lower cupboard and shelving to the other.

A new hardwood floor was required as well as quality, lined, blackout curtains for warmth and to eliminate harsh street lighting.

Shed roof renovation with wooden shingles


Increasingly these days people are looking for something a little more creative in their homes and gardens. An old shed can be totally enhanced by covering an existing felt roof with new wooden shingles.

In this particular case the shed/greenhouse combination had previously been covered in shingles which were in need of replacement urgently.

In a short space of time they were removed and replaced to stunning effect and providing a much needed protection for many years to come.


Patio restoration


Very often all it takes is a little time and concentration, and of course the right equipment, to completely restore a patio to its former glory.

This property, that we have completed so much work on, benefitted from some TLC to the outside resulting in a lovely presentation to potential new tenants. Even on a winter's morning the transformation is stunning.


Bespoke wall

and path

This latest wall was constructed over a number of days between two delightful Georgian buildings. The original wall of brickwork and incorporating an arched 'cellar' was near collapse and very dangerous.

We built the new wall with solid block work and supporting steels. Once the blocks were cemented in place and the steels tied together we concreted the steels in to provide a lasting strong divide. A render to the top and one side with stainless steel finish created a good result that is not like to rust. With two satisfied customers our work here was done. The new walkway was much appreciated too for its aesthetic appearance. Quality railings are on order to finish this off.

Renovation of garden steps

At Decor-Solutions we are finding ourselves increasingly called upon to carry out renovation work to older buildings, and their surroundings. As well as refurbishment to both the inside and outside of these.

In this instance there was this small set of steps in a garden that had fallen into disrepair and were in need of some urgent renovation. In no time at all we were able to remove the stonework, make good the foundations and re-build the steps to make them once again aesthetically pleasing and practically useful.

Restoration of period door

Increasingly in dealing with period properties it has become important to try and maintain the true nature of the property and restore it to its former, more classic appearance. So it was with this delightful period house front door in Paddock Wood.

lt was necessary to take the paintwork back to the original wood and start again. After painstakingly removing a number of layers of paint it was discovered that the original colour was in fact a more subtle and complimentary yellow. With a period paint chart and some careful observation it was possible to obtain a colour match and bring all the woodwork back to its original appearance thus enhancing the whole building.

Replacement of window

Very often a bespoke job is required away from the routine decorating we are more popularly known for. So it was with this cellar window which was totally rotten and in need of replacement.

With the building being Grade 2 listed it was imperative that a like for like window be created in a single glazed unit as originally seen. Whilst the original opening pane had been replaced some time back it was good to restore this window to its former glory even if not many people would see and admire it.

Re-build of stone wall


The wall supported a considerable garden that was a meter higher on the garden side to the road side. It was felt best to take down one section of the wall completely, construct a concrete base and then build up from this on the garden side using concrete slabs where the wall is not visible and re-enforcing with steel rods for strength.
We then used the original blocks to re-construct the surface of the wall to maintain the original appearance but offering a much safer and stronger wall. Come back in a month and the stonework will be matching into the original wall further along and almost undetectable.

Patio area makeover


We found very little wrong with this patio area other than it looked a little neglected and tired. The first thing to do was to clear away those items that would be useful and get rid of anything that would not enhance the new and finished patio.

Loose paint was scraped off and any remaining brackets removed before all the cracks and any holes were filled. The wall was then painted with Dulux Weathershield exterior emulsion using light terracotta for the main wall and bright white for the columns. New square trellis was then fixed to the two sections of the wall using screws for later removal should the wall need re-painting in a few years.
no job too small


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